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Valle Romano Golf & Resort, a place to live Golf

Valle Romano Golf & Resort is a high-quality residential complex in the heart of the Costa del Sol, a perfect place to live and enjoy life in the vicinity of a top-rate golf course open 365 days a year.

The complex covers 122 hectares, and has been designed and built with the utmost attention to detail, especially as regards respecting the environment and ensuring efficient use of available energy resources. Furthermore, it is the chosen site of prominent professional golfers, who have decided to live and play on this impressive 18-hole golf course designed by Cabell B. Robinson.

The complex is also endowed with Clubhouse, a prestigious Golf School with bilingual teachers, specialized shop and restaurant-cafeteria. Likewise, it counts with very well maintained green spaces and, in addition, each promotion enjoys its own community pool.

The golf course. Valle Romano is unique, due to its design, geographical location and sustainability model. Not only does it comply with current environmental regulations, its design also priorities the conservation of as much of the natural landscape as possible, so that the local vegetation can serve as a shelter and refuge for native flora and fauna.

It is an exceptional 18-hole course, built in accordance with the strictest quality standards established by the United States Golf Association of America, with “Tifsport” lawns certified by the University of Georgia and a highly sophisticated watering system which uses the very latest technology.

Valle Romano was created by Cabell B. Robinson, one of the world’s most respected golf course designers and the genius behind many prestigious courses in Spain, France, Morocco, Switzerland, Portugal, Cyprus and Italy.

The course is ready to enter the European Circuit, with fairways designed to adapt to players of all levels and large, spacious greens. Robinson has designed a 54 hectare course, located in the gentlest part of the complex which ranges between level 1.16 and level 50.

One of the aims of the course is to enable all kinds of players, from the lowest to the highest handicaps, to enjoy a good game. To this end, the course has an average of 5 tee platforms per hole and large, spacious greens (mean size: 500 m2, although some are as large as 1,000 m2). The greens, which have long, gentle drops with high quality flag positions, mean that each and every hole on the course can be either very easy or extremely challenging.

The fact that the course adapts to all levels, coupled with its excellent maintenance, unbeatable facilities, privileged setting (all holes have sea views) and committed staff, makes it the ideal place for organizing any type of competition.

Valle Romano looks after each detail and pamper the golfer at most.

The player is warmly welcomed when arriving, during his round he is given a gazpacho, in summer and a hot chocolate in winter. When he finishes the marshall team offer to clean his clubs and shoes as a house courtesy.


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